How to Add a Mega Menu to WordPress (+5 Best Plugins)

A mega menu is a type of drop-down menu that allows users to access a large amount of content in one place. Mega menus are often used on eCommerce websites and are becoming increasingly popular on other types as well. You can see an example on the Nalgene site, which showcases product photos, sliders, and other content in more of a horizontal style

How to Add a Cost Calculator to Your WordPress Website

If you’ve ever used a loan calculator or price estimator, you may have wondered if there’s a way to add a cost calculator to your WordPress site. There is, and it’s super easy

How to Sell Digital Products on WordPress with WooCommerce

Digital downloads — like eBooks, music files, images, sewing patterns, and fonts — work well as standalone purchases, or as add-ons to physical products or services. For example, if you sell music courses online, you might also sell digital sheet music. Or if you crochet baby toys, you could sell downloadable patterns for those who also enjoy crafting.