Adobe PDF WordPress Plugin

Embedded PDFs can be displayed in four PDF viewer modes:

  • Lightbox: Displays PDF files in a modal.
  • Sized Container: Displays PDF files in a presentation-style container with landscape orientation. Each page of the embedded PDF file appears as a slide. This is the default mode that applies to all embedded PDFs.
  • In-Line: Displays PDF files inline within the content of the page or post itself. When using this mode, all pages within the embedded PDF file are displayed at once.
  • Full Window: The viewing area fits the size of the parent element and can be customized to cover the entire browser window. Unlike the Sized Container mode, which also fits the size of the parent element, the Full Window mode allows your visitors to use annotation tools, navigate pages using PDF thumbnails, and access other features of the Full Window embed mode of the Adobe PDF Embed API.

Google Explains Alt Text for Logos & Buttons

The alt attribute for logos and buttons are done differently than the alt text used for other kinds of images. Google discusses the right way to do it.

  • The best practices for logos and buttons are different than other kinds of images
  • There is no SEO value for logo and button alt text
  • Correct alt text for logos and buttons can have long term benefits for users and site owners

How to Create Anchor Links in WordPress: A Complete Guide

the term “anchor link” is commonly synonymous with the term “jump link”, a link that jumps to a specific element on a page. So the main difference between anchor links (or jump links) and regular links is the destination. Traditional hyperlinks send users to a page while anchor links send users to a specific section of a page. Anchor links can link to a section on the same page or to a section of a different page. 

How to Add a Mega Menu to WordPress (+5 Best Plugins)

A mega menu is a type of drop-down menu that allows users to access a large amount of content in one place. Mega menus are often used on eCommerce websites and are becoming increasingly popular on other types as well. You can see an example on the Nalgene site, which showcases product photos, sliders, and other content in more of a horizontal style