Improve Your Blog’s Design with These Style-enhancing WordPress Plugins

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Canva Design Button (FREE)


Although blog posts are supposed to be informative, they require a different style to what you might find in, say, a textbook, to reflect the way Internet users want to consume information. As such, lots of white space and imagery is required to break up the monotony of huge paragraphs.

Arguably the most important image of each article you publish is your featured image. The featured image is usually the largest image on the page, featured prominently at the top, and also displayed on your home page. With this in mind, the styling of your featured images is a key component of your website’s overall design style.

I recently discovered Canva, a fantastic web-based design tool. It uses an intuitive interface to allow users to create great looking graphics for their blog, social media accounts, or even for offline purposes like flyers.

Well, now Canva has its very own plugin, the free Canva Design Button, which is ideal for creating featured images on your blog — you can use it to build infographics, too.

The plugin uses the same interface as the web-based tool, and allows you to overlay a number of different design elements to create the perfect branded graphics.

You can choose from over 1 million professional-quality stock photographs, each costing just $1, which can be used as a background image, or you can upload your own.

There are 12 different filters you can put on your image, including greyscale, retro, and festive, to get the look and feel just as you want it. You can then place text over the top of your image, with a choice of more than 100 free customizable text graphics (you can also make your own from scratch).

While it is possible to create your graphics for free by uploading your own images, if you use a premium element — costing $1 each — the plugin will request a credit card payment before it allows you to add it to your post. To see the sort of graphics the plugin is capable of creating, here are a few example screenshots. I created the first one myself!

Canva Example

Canva Example 2

Canva Example 3