Integrating Social Media With WordPress: The Ultimate Plugin Guide


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notes from article:  Integrating Social Media With WordPress: The Ultimate Plugin Guide.

Social Media Post Broadcasting

When you publish new articles on your blog, you want to inform all of your social media followers. If you only publish articles a few times per month, it may be in your interests to publish updates to your social media accounts manually. This allows you to customize each message for each social media service. For example, you could make your announcement post on Facebook much longer than on Twitter.

Social Media Sharing

Social media buttons increase the odds of visitors sharing your articles with others. I recommend choosing a solution that complements your current website design.

Social Media Comments

The standard WordPress comment form asks for a visitor’s name, email address, and website. Every time someone leaves a comment on your website, they need to enter this information.

The Jetpack plugin is packed full of useful modules. One of the best modules on offer isJetpack Comments. It replaces your default WordPress comment form with an enhanced form that has social media support.

Content Locking

Content lockers allow you to hide premium content to visitors. In order to see the content, visitors have to share your page on a social media service such as Facebook or Twitter.

Pay with a Like
Pay with a Like, allows visitors to pay for content with a share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

OnePress Social Locker is a stylish content locking solution that allows visitors to unlock content with a tweet, like, or +1.

Social Media Tracking

Tracking the performance of your articles on social media helps you to see what pages are being shared the most. This information can help you plan out future blog posts and pages.

Facebook Traffic Pop

Facebook Traffic Pop plugin for WordPress says for itself. The plugin will add a Facebook pop-up window to your site that encourages users to like and share your content.

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